What Makes a Good Anime

What Makes a Good AnimeSo we’ve all seen them, there are plenty of good anime series out there. Unfortunately, we’ve all see bad ones too. What exactly makes a good anime? Can you even really answer that question? I mean, a good anime just depends on the person, right? Someone who loves action anime will hail an action anime above all else, but someone who likes romance anime will think that the action anime is no good. Well. I like all sorts of different anime, in all sorts of different genres, so I’m going to let you guys know what I think makes an anime great.

First and foremost, story line! In order for any anime, or story in general, to be successful, it has to have a good story line. This goes for movies, novels, and whatever else you can think of! It’s sad to see that so many anime series nowadays try to put together a loose story line and call it good. This is something that takes time and effort to do. For instance, Log Horizon has

What Is the Role of Animatronics

What Is the Role of AnimatronicsAnimatronics is a process of building mechanized puppets or full-size costumes that resemble animals, dinosaurs, or other imaginary creatures, and made to look quite lifelike. The idea behind animatronics was first created by Disney Studios back in the 1950s for use in some of their early films. Plus, it is possible to combine the mechanized movements with other special effects in an attempt to create the more convincing look and a greater level of realism.

In addition to using this technology in the film studios it is a common sight in many of the popular theme or amusement parks, which many feature birds or other creatures in special shows to entertain guests.

What features are involved?

Animatronics can vary significantly with basic to very complex designs. The most basic animatronics are built with basic sound recording features and have the ability to make one or two simple movements. For the more advanced designs it is possible to include software that can complete specific moves, and can even be remotely controlled. On the most

4 Versatile Tips How to Become a Model

4 Versatile Tips How to Become a ModelWhen you are first starting out, you will face a very intense competition. It is about how to keep up with others, how to keep up the pace, and most importantly and I cannot stress this enough, is how you have to be different from others, in a good way. If you are outstanding and unique, chances are, you are more likely to be chosen for projects. So the following are some pointers as to how you can become a model, hopefully a versatile one.

1) Keeping fit and staying in good shape

You cannot always eat what you want to eat; you need to ponder about your diet to make sure you stay in shape. A few pounds heavier could shun off potential projects and that is the last thing you want. Modeling agencies and their clients look for models who are fit and in shape, so that they will be suitable to appeal to the big crowd. Moreover, keeping fit and maintaining a good shape will increase your versatility in

Friends Romans Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears

Before I begin this article, I lifted this title off of a very bad Marlon Brando movie where he played Marc Anthony, the Roman statesman burying Caesar, not praising Caesar. There is a point to this. Some of the best and most memorable philosophical communications seem like the worst when they are heard, and are memorable long after they are heard or read. Just like Marlon Brando screaming “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears!” did not fit him yet was one of his most memorable roles, so are good philosophical quotes act the same way the first time they are heard or read at times because of the stinging reality of them.

Now, we begin this article: Reality has a “bad sting” to it when you are in the middle of the lesson it teaches, but the memory of what happened most of the time is better because of the value reflection aspects of what happened.

I admit that I am going to write some uncomfortable things to read here in a way, but they will be good when you get used to them. But, is that not the way it is with everything

Experience, Illusion or Reality

Game physics refers to the laws governing the programming of a game within a self-contained universe. It is these laws that govern how the players within the worlds of that universe experience the objects and the objects behavior of that universe. Game physics dictates the actions and reactions of the objects in its own world such as how objects of different densities interact. For example, what happens to objects when they are unsupported, do they float or fall? Game physics determines qualities in the field of play such as what constitutes friction, velocity, texture, collision effects, and atmospheric changes.

The main problem and difficulty with differentiating experience as illusion or reality has to do with how two universes intersect and exist simultaneously to create human life as we know it. The realm of spirit and the material universe intersect on this planet and in particular within the human body to manufacture the experience of the being human. They are intermingled and cooperate most of the time. But sometimes the soul or body tries to engage in mutiny or rebel against the other in a battle for control over the organism and its direction throughout its life.

9 Tips For Choosing a Video Production Company

Unfortunately, many businesses rush into video production without thinking it through. But a rash decision without a clear plan or set goal will lead to disappointment, and waste your time and money.

How can you avoid this outcome and be happy with your next video project? These 9 strategies can help you produce an effective video without a lot of headaches.

1. Begin with the end in mind.

Don’t just make a video because it’s the trend right now. Instead, think about what you want your video to accomplish for your business. Is your goal to increase business? Educate your viewer? Train your employees? Determine your goal first, then work with a company that understands the scope of your needs and can consult with you to achieve your goals.

2. Cheap video comes at a premium.

Be wary when a production company offers its services at a rate that seems too good to be true the production team may just shoot from the back of the room on a tripod and call it a day. But it’s more expensive to do it wrong the first time and have to redo it. So

Ten Important Things to Look for in Choosing a Royalty Free Music Website

Looking for some great music for your newest film but don’t have the budget for hiring a composer? You’re in luck because there’s actually a lot of great music out there that is royalty free or in the public domain that may work perfectly for your next film. Whether you’re a pro filmmaker or a novice YouTube video creator, having a quality soundtrack behind your visual masterpiece is going to make a huge difference.

There’s nothing more frustrating than selecting link after link of MPEG or WAV files in search of a good, moody piece of music, only to find some crappy, poorly recorded junk. The good news is, there are a few sites that offer superb songs with quality arrangements that were recorded in a professional studio. These sites have their music categorized by genre to help you weed through the stuff you’re not interested in, so you can get to the gems.

I’ve compiled a list of the key things to look for when choosing a royalty free music website. I believe these suggestions will help you find the music you’re looking for. Keep in mind, most of the time the hardest part

How to Create a Low Budget Movie Soundtrack

I bet if you think of your favorite movie, you can hum the theme song or some of the music from that film. Music is an important part of a great movie- so important that Hollywood pays top composers huge amounts of money to create the perfect, catchy score.

If you’re needing music for your new movie, you can hire a composer to custom write music for each and every scene but that may strain your already tight budget. Don’t worry, you can find great, original music on the web and much of it is free or available for a very low price.

I’m talking about Royalty-free music. If you Google ‘royalty free alternative music’ for instance, you will find pages of websites that offer alternative rock music for free or for a small licensing fee. That’s the good news. The bad news is – you’re going to have to do a lot of digging to find the music that fits the mood of your movie.

The best way to start off is to create a rough list of the songs you will need. Perhaps you want a quick uptempo rock song for the

5 Reasons We Love Goodfellas

1. The treatment of the film, some of which include the brisk dialogues, the sharp editing, the first person narration scenes, and last but not the least, the perfectly blended background music, makes Goodfellas a near perfect directorial effort.

2. The realism infused in the movie, such as the realistic interactions between the gangster brood, the grand scale of the sets (the prison sequence, the roads and traffic of the 60’s, and most importantly, the frequently visited bars and pubs).

3. The characterization of Joe Pesci as a cold blooded and dim witted mafia Tommy DeVito. His Academy award winning performance showcased Pesci at his histrionic best, with as much volatility of temper as a Kodiak bear. His cold blooded murders and his occasional dark humour lent a unique quality to the movie, as Pesci’s character effectively broke the mafia stereotypes as portrayed in Hollywood. His character is summed up when he says to Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta “I’ll take the shovel from my mother’s house” (after killing a rival at a bar and planning on burying him).

4. The long shot where Henry (Liotta) takes Karen (Lorraine Bracco) for dinner, and

The Problem With Movies and How to Solve Them

Modern movies are a glorious thing, but they are also rife with problems. Modern movies are falling into a set of weird choices, and odd habits that can make watching movies into a sort of nightmare. Since there are so many problems with movies I decided to tackle two of them here, and we will revisit this issue in another article.

The first problem I have is poor audio mixing. What do I mean by this? Let’s say you open up your mailbox and you have a couple movies from Netflix sitting there (I almost made this example driving to Blockbuster, but then I remembered it was 2016). You pop in the Blu-Ray/ DVD into your player of choice and you sit back and you have to turn the volume down because there a lot of explosions and such. Then people start talking and you have to find the remote because they might as well be whispering! Then another explosion and now you’re deaf because the damn thing was so ear piercingly loud. This can be annoying. Hell it’s one of easiest ways to take me out of a movie, to be honest. So why does this

Transformers War for Cybertron

Given the exponential increase in the playability of the Transformers games from one generation to the next, the third installment in the blockbuster movie-video-game adaptation was the most highly anticipated release yet. Strangely enough, it was actually the only game in the series not tied to the plot of the movie at all, diverging from the exploits of the Transformers on Earth, to the travails of their original home world of Cybertron (just in case the title didn’t tip you off).

Fans and critics alike were mostly awed by the vast mechanical structures that spanned the planet Cybertron, itself, and the series-consistent increase in graphics capability. We never see Earth in War for Cybertron, and given the repetitive nature of the environment in both Transformers: The Game and Revenge of the Fallen, maybe that’s a good thing.

High Moon Studios Produces War for Cybertron

Once again, the developers at High Moon Studios stuck with what worked in the previous games: the splitting of campaigns. You can either start with the Decepticon campaign, which is centered on a new, dark source of Energon discovered by the relentless Megatron, and the powers and abilities it wields;

My Favourite Anime

Hello, and welcome to my favorite anime post.

This post is about… well, my favorite anime shows.

I know that many people aren’t drawn to this sort of thing (anime) but there are also many people who do.

I love watching anime… it doesn’t feel strange or weird to me. It’s much (much) different from animation. They are really not one and the same. At all.

I’ve been watching anime for 6 years now (ever since I was 12). I watched some anime shows when I was little (like cardcaptor Sakura) but I didn’t know they were anime at the time. not until much later.

I love anime as much as I love watching TV shows.

So here you have it. Welcome to my favorite Anime post (hope you enjoy!).

*In case of any occasional spoilers I’ll be sure to mark them but most of this review will be spoiler free, so not to worry about being spoilered*

Sword Art Online (a.k.a SAO)

Science fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Monsters, Sword fighting, Adventures, Fun times, sad times… this show has it ALL.


From the moment I started

Reproduce Sculptures With Casting

The best method for making museum-quality reproductions of popular sculptures is through mold making and casting.

The first step is to make a negative mold of the original sculpture. This is nothing but a hollow model that captures the form, lines and other details of the three dimensional sculpture. It can be made with different materials such as plaster, gypsum, alginate, moulage, clay, wax, polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber, latex rubber or even simple plaster bandages.

Various techniques are used for making a negative mold. The choice of technique will vary as much on the type of sculpture and mold making material being used as on the skill and comfort level of the mold maker.

For instance, the mold making material can be poured on the sculpture or brushed on it like paint (at times, successive coats may be required when using latex rubber). Materials like clay or wax can be gently patted on the sculpture to form a mold. The sculpture can even be dipped into a liquid mold making material to form a spitting negative form.

A lot of technicalities go into making a mold. The mold may be made as a

The Woman Who Nearly Ended Shakespeare’s Career

When William Shakespeare was still a relatively young man, before he got involved with the creation of the Blackfriars Theatre he crossed paths with a feisty woman who was highly educated and battled him fiercely over the opening of the theatre.

Elizabeth Cooke was her name, and she was born in 1540. Her mother Anne Fitzwilliam Cooke nearly lost her life, in the Hoddeston riots on 16th August 1534, after a man attacked her.

Elizabeth’s father Anthony was a forward thinking man, who taught his children in the same way regardless of their sex. The Cooke family house was affectionately nicknamed the ‘Female University’, and Anthony’s status as the companion to Edward VI meant that Elizabeth and her sisters had frequent contact with the Prince.

Her father taught her Greek, Latin, Hebrew, French and Italian as well as dancing, and the medical qualities of herbs and flowers amongst other things. His belief in the fact that women were just as capable as men in all things, might have been the reason behind his choice to get involved with the plot to have Lady Jane Grey take the throne after Edward Vi’s death.


From The Hyperborean Mythos Padlock to Hell’s Door

All that he learned, Pachacuti E, and saw and did was never told, or written down, but he did leave a journal of sorts for me, moreover, a brief written account, more like a letter, in his Peruvian native tongue -Quechua-… and now I understand why E did not write down everything. He viewed unfailingly, repulsion he had no words for; on the other hand, it became of a morbid interest in the ‘seeds of time.’ To my understanding much he reframed from witnessing, doing, consuming. And many of the times he wished he had a Rosary, although not Catholic, and I’m unsure even if he was a Christian or of any certain faith, he just mentioned it in passing, but as he also told me, ‘What is done is done,’ it sounds like a quote from Macbeth, and he wrote me, Dr. D.L. Siluk, ‘I fear, Ayre, by this, this day’s end you shall see me no more, nor shall I set sight, again of the sun? Long ago, I had found the padlock to hell’s door? To its eldritch passages. This is my newest state. When I am in this world, I am a rat without

How To Get Scouted By a Modeling Agency

Do you aspire to be the next Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss or Karlie Kloss? Do you want to get basked in limelight and the blinding flashes from cameras? Do you want to get dressed by the top-notch designers in the world and travel around the globe for the hottest fashion shows? Do you want to star in commercials and print advertisements? If yes, you are looking at the exact article to help you with that. Getting discovered will take time and energy, but make sure you do not give up on yourself. The following are some pointers on how you can get scouted by a modeling agency.

1) It is not all about height

You might be surprised, but really, it is not all about height. Ever heard of Kate Moss? Yes, she is not the tallest as she stands at only 1.7m or 5 foot 7. Yet, she is one of the most successful models out in the fashion modeling world, given that everyone around her is at least 1.75m and above in height. So the point is, just be confident of who you are. Stand straight and stand tall, and trust me, you

Psychic Mysticism or Magician’s Art Form

What brought me back to the conjurors art, as a mentalist and Christchurch magician, was watching the incredible performances of Derren Brown in his TV shows.

Spiritualists, psychics and magicians have been around for centuries In many cultures and time periods. It is difficult, if at all even possible, to separate them by definition.

Even today the psychics and their associated types, clairvoyants, spiritualists, palm readers astrologers etc, pitch themselves as psychic entertainers.

However, the thing that is common to all members of this group is their methods, all interchangeable and all utilizing tactics that have either been taken from, or investigated, debunked and ultimately taken up by, the members of the conjurors art, often, more commonly known as magicians.

In recent times these methods have also been studied by neuroscientists, in order to understand how they work, and have the effects they do, on apparently rationally thinking people.

This has led to a greater understanding and in many cases refinements and development of new techniques by magicians to perform, seemingly, impossible feats of power.

There are those magicians that embrace and claim that their powers are the result of some

Making a Portrait Cast With Life Casting

Making a life cast of any part of the live human body is a complex and interesting project. However, a life cast cannot get more intricate, and therefore more enjoyable, as making a portrait cast.

This is a three dimensional cast of the head, shoulders and chest of a person and is also called a bust. It involves an elaborate and multifaceted process that calls for a lot of experience and skills. Life casting artists first try their hand at various life casts and make numerous face casts before even attempting to make a portrait casting!

How to do it?

Portrait casts require special care because the artist is making a mold of both the front and back of the model’s face. They have to carefully capture the exact shape and dimensions of the nose, ears, eyes and chin. Extra caution is required so as not to disturb or harm the model in any manner whatsoever.

Generally, alginate is the mold making material of choice for life casts. It has to be reinforced with a shell mold of cheese cloth and plaster bandages that will make the mold firm and enable it to retain

An Overview of the Joy of Pottery

Pottery could be defined often. It might refer to the pad employed to make such potterywares as earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. In addition, it refers to the place where such merchandise is made or to the art of manufacturing those wares.

For the purposes, pottery is an object created from clay right into a chosen shape, then heated in an oven termed as a kiln before object continues to be completely dehydrated.

Each section of the world has long, distinctive histories with pottery, so let’s take only a brief glance at the good reputation for pottery all over the world.


With what is currently the Czech Republic, the initial ceramic objects have been discovered, possibly dated as far back as 29,000 B.C.

However, evidence shows that early Europeans began developing pottery between 6,500 and 7,500 years ago. Pottery using this region was influenced by Roman and Islamic invasions.

Classical Greek pottery extends back to at least 1,000 B.C., much of it featuring decorative human forms. Etruscan and Ancient Roman pottery followed suit later, first emulating Greek styles before creating their own distinctive styles.


The oldest pottery found on

Choosing and Making the Most Out of Your Event Space

If you are planning to host a few friends or colleagues for dinner or an official event, it is wise to look for an ideal venue that you can rent. Here are some of the primary factors that you should consider when looking for an event space.


Different facilities charge varying prices to use their amenities. Hence, it is wise to compare prices to find the one that best fits your budget. Keep the venue cost low to allow more room in your budget for beverages, entertainment, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. You can also save money by being flexible on the date, as there are certain days of the week when some facilities charge low prices.


If you intend to serve food, consider looking for a facility that has a kitchen to reduce your expenditure on dining. In most cases, facilities that do not have a kitchen hire a catering company or allow clients to bring in their own food or caterer. Other amenities that you should consider include an internet connection, audio-visual equipment, and clean up services.


Your selected event space should accommodate all your guests.